This Deluxe Pin Trading Starter Kit features eight (8) exclusive Disney Villain pins on a special lanyard. You can trade your pins with other guests or with a Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Cast Member wearing a lanyard. Please note: The single pins from this set are being sold on Ebay in very large quantities from China. I've come across some of the scrappers in the Parks. They are lighter in color, and the pin posts are different. Released: WDW - October 08, 2004

Pin 33748: Villains Starter Set -- Queen Of Hearts Pin

Pin 33868: Villains Starter Set -- Maleficent Pin

Pin 33869: Villains Starter Set -- Cruella De Vil Pin

Pin 33895: Villains Starter Set -- Captain Hook Pin

Pin 33896: Villains Starter Set -- Jafar Pin

Pin 33897: Villains Starter Set -- Shere Khan Pin

Pin 33899: Villains Starter Set -- Evil Queen Pin

Pin 34096: Villains Starter Set - Chernabog Pin

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