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PACKAGING : Bags and Boxes


Paper Bags

Ep3 Rots Choose your Destiny Game Ront and Back #6 1-4 size (4th pg214)$3x3
Ep3 Rots Choose your Destiny Game Ront and Back #12 1-6 size $3
17 New Toys to add to your collection 2005 Front and Back $3 x4

Mc Donalds : BAGS

Paper Bags

Clone Wars 2010 Bag$3

PACKAGING : Beverage

Bottle Waters

Niagara Bottling

24 pack$4


Episode 3 ROTS 2liter bottles

4th page 202

Mountain Dew Darth Vader $3
Pepsi Darth Vader$3
Mountain Dew General Greivous$3
C3po and R2D2$3

Episode 3 ROTS 12oz cans 12pk

4th page 202

Pepsi Yoda$3


Cap Candy

Episode 2 AOTC Lollipop holders

4th page 206

Janog Fett$4
Darth Vader$4
Clone Trooper$4 Storm Trooper$4
R2-D2 Galaxy Dipper$3 x2

The Jango Fett dispenser located (4th pg 140)

Jango Fett$6

film Action Container filled with Tart n Tinys

5th page 200

Queen Amidala$2


5th pg 201

Darth Vader / Yoda shape candy case $5 x2

Listed under Lunch Boxes

5th pg 166

Darth Vader shape head with M&Ms inside $8 x2


Metal Darth Vader chocolate Vader inside $8

Round Metal containers

Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker$4 x2
Yoda / General Grievous $4 x2

Valentines Day Boxes

Anakin Skywalker$4
Darth Vader Head $4

R2 $4
Boba $4
Baby Yoda $4

Vader with Jelly Beans ROTS Packaging$4 x2
Vader with Jelly Beans The Clone Wars Packaging $4

Clone Wars 2011 Valentines Pops

Clone Trooper $1
Obi Wan $1

Clone Wars 2011 Halloween Candy

Hero Lollipops $2

Clone Wars 2011 Christmas Candy Canes

12 Candy Canes sour raspberry and sour cherry$1

Clone Wars 2011 Christmas Candy Dispenser

12 Candy dispenser$1

Clone Wars 2011 Christmas MarshMallow Lollipops

Capt. Rex $1 Yoda $1

Lightsaber 2013

Two sabers red and blue got at target$1

Candy Jewelry

Fruit Flavored neckless got at target $1


3 Musketeers with glow in the dark wrappers

5th pg 201

11.00oz contains individual package $2

Individual Wrappers

What is Anakins Secret? $.50
What is Chancellor Palpatines Secret? $.50
Who is a Sith Lord $.50
Who is R2-D2 Master? $.50
Who was Anakins Jedi Master? $.50
Who was Count Dookus Jedi Master? $.50
Who home planet is Kashyyyk? $.50

M-Azing crunchy bars with Glow in the Dark Wrappers

5th pg 201

11.00oz contains individual package $2

M&M Peanut with Glow in the Dark Wrappers

5th pg 201

11.00oz with Mace Windu contains individual package $2

Peanut Jedi Mix 14oz

5th pg 202

14.00oz package Chewbacca $2

Dark Chocolate Darth Mix 21oz

5th pg 202

21.00oz package Darth Vader $2

Peanut Jedi Mix 21oz

5th pg 202

21.00oz package Anakin Skywalker $2
21.00oz package Han Solo $2
21.00oz package Queen Amidala$2

blue lighted saber with M and Ms$2


5th pg 201

General Grevious 16.00oz Original Flavors$2
Obi Wan 16.00oz Original Flavors$2
Darth Vader 16.00oz Original Flavors$2
Boba Fett 16.00oz Wild Berry$2
Chewbacca 16.00oz Wild Berry$2

Sour Flavors

5th pg 210

Princess Leia 5.35oz$2


super Power mints

One of four Anakin vs Obi mints $2



Premiere limited edition started decks

5th page 204

The Empire $5
The Alliance $5


General Mills

4th page 212

Corn Chex 12oz $6
Cimmamon Toast Crunch Movie Cash Inside 12oz$6
Star Wars Epiode 2 Collectors Edition #1 12oz$6
Star Wars Epiode 2 Collectors Edition #2 12oz$6
Golden Grahams Movie Cash Inside 13oz$6
Honey Nut Cheerios 14oz $6
Honey Nut Chex 12oz $6
Lucky Charms 20.5oz $6
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 20.5 $6
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 20.5 Ticket$6
Coca Puffs 20.5 $6
Honey Mut Cheerios BB8 20.5 $6
Reese Puffs 20.5 $6
Lucky Charms 20.5 $6
Star Wars Baby Yoda 20.5 $6
Star Wars Yoda 20.5 $6

General Mills loose Saber and spoons

Luke Skywalker saber $3
Mace Windu saber $3
Count Dooku $3 x2
Obi wan spoon $3


4th page 213

Raisin Bran Crunch jedi mind game 25.5oz $6
Corn Flakes Episode 3 18oz $6
Frosted Flakes of Corn light up saber spoon 20.oz $6
Apple Jacks with light up saber spoon 19oz $6
Pops jedi mind game 15oz $6
Smorz jedi mind gane 10.5oz $6
Star Wars Darth Vader 11.8oz $6
Star Wars Yoda 11.8oz $6
Fun Pack 8 packages 8.56oz $5


PACKAGING : Cleaners



4th page 215

Fudge Shoppe Deluxe Grahams 12.5oz $3
fudge Shoppe Lava Stripes 11.5oz $3
ELFudge Original 11.5oz $3


Cookie Cutter and Mix $20
Pancake Mix $20
Cup Cake and Sticks $15

PACKAGING : Facial Tissue

PACKAGING : Food Wrappers

Ep3 ROTS Fries Wraps

Small front and back$1 x3
Med front and back Choose your Destiny game$1 x12
Large front and back Choose your Destiny game blue packaging$1
Large front and back Choose your Destiny game green packaging$1 x2

ConAgra Foods

Betty Crocker

Jedi Fruit Rolls $2

Fruit Snacks$2

Chef Boyardee canned pastas

Anakin Skywalker and Asajj Ventress $1
Padmae, Yoda, Count $1 x2
Mace, Droid $1

Chef Boyardee box pastas

Padme, Yoda and count $1
Obiwan and surge $1


Kilo ren $3
Trooper $3

Dole Fresh

Coleslaw $3
Garden Salad $3
Shredded Lettuce $3
Classic Romanine $3
Very Veggie $3


Mail in cookie jars offer

Rice Krispies Treats 8pk $5

Mail in Plate Premium

French Toaster Sticks Oringinal 32sticks 12.7oz $5

Eggo Waffles Chocolate Chip 10pk $5

Pop Tarts 12pks Listen for Vader Music

S mores $5 Lava Berry Explosion $5

Karft Foods

Oscar Mayer Lunchables Free Clone Wars Mini Poster on box mini burgers Yoda
Oscar Mayer Lunchables Free Clone Wars Flip n fold card anakin Skywalker $3

PACKAGING : Fruit Snacks


Litited Edition epi 3

Darth Vader with hand out front and Anakin Skywalker back $3
Darth Vader with Saber and C-3po and r2$3

PACKAGING : Coffee Creamers


Coffee Mate

R2-D2 French Vanilla$4
C-3PO Hazelnut$4
Boba Fett Italian Sweet Creme$4
Darth Vader Espresso Chocolate$4


Clone Wars

Publix Star wars fruit flavored snacks 5.4oz 6pk$3
Winn Dixie Star wars fruit flavored snacks 5.4oz 6pk$3



Flavorlce pops

Freezer Pops offer

20 count Freezer Ice Pops $5


Kraft Heinz

Jell-O Jigglers Mold Kits

Jigglers Mold Kit $5

Masterfoods usa

Ice Cream Cones 6pk $5
Ice Cream Sandwickes $5

PACKAGING : Kids Meals

Mc Donalds

The Clone Wars

2008 Captain Rex (5th pg 214) $3 x5
2008 Yoda (5th pg 214) $3
2008 Darth Vader (5th pg 214) $3 x7
2010 Anakin Skywalker front and back $3 x2

PACKAGING : Snack Chips

Frito Lay

Doritos Nacho Cheese 13.05oz Anakin and Padme$2
Lays kc masterpiece bbq Episode 2 Jango fett and Obi Wan 5.5oz$2
Lays Sour Cream and Onion Yoda and Obi Wan 11.5oz$3
Lays Wavy Sticker premium Yoda 11.5oz$3
Cheetos Twisted Vader and Yoda 7oz $3
Cheetos Twisted Vader and Yoda 3oz $2

Episode 3 ROTS with Character picture on packages 24 Package assortment packs

4th page 222

Darth Vader Graphic on bag $5

Episode 3 ROTS with Character picture 1oz Package assortment packs

Cheetos c-3po $2
Cheetos Ewok $2
Cheetos General Grevious$2
Doritos Han Solo $2
Doritos R2-D2 $2
Fritos Yoda $2
Lays Chewbacca$2
Lays Padme $2

Episode 2 Attack of the clones 3d star pic

Obi-Wan green $3
Clone Troopers yellow $3
Anakin Skywalker green $3
Obi-Wan purple $3
Count Dooku $3 x2
Zan Wessel red $3
Zan Wessel blue $3
Obi-Wan blue$3
Padme $3


Blu Ray Cans

Darth Vader Original 6.4oz$1
Boba Fett BBQ 6.4oz$1

Episode 3 ROTS Stax

Dill Pickle Yoda $3
Cheddar Darth Vader $3
Original Anakin Skywalker $3
3Ds Bucket Collect all 3 StarWars snack buckets Droids and Clones Special Edition series 3 of 3 $3
Metal Tin hold chips special Edition 1 of 3 $5

Popcorn Expressions

Blu Ray advertisements

Blu Ray Anakin $6
Saga films $6

Disney Parks

Popcorn bucket

Disney Park Popcorn Bucket $6

Sunshine Biscuits LLC

Episode 3 Cheez-it Crackers

c-3po $5
Darth Vader $5
Episode 7 Trooper $5




GoGurt $1


Toy Packaging Bags

Happy Meal for toys 2010 $1
Burger King Kids Meal 2005 $1