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2008 Donald Duck and Stormtroopers limited 1000 $45
2009 Clone Wars Mickey Jedi limited 1000 $45

The Princess Leah Diaries


Baby Leah has been in and out of the hospital for well over a month now and she is only 3 months old.I don't know all the specifics but do know the doctors cannot seem to pin down whats causing her issues. She has had a couple emergency surgeries and has endured more in her short time on this planet than most of us adults. Her parents have been by her side the entire time making her the top priority. I have set up this page to ask people to please contribute whatever you can to help relieve some of the stress and debt this has created for her and her parents. Leah Parents should not have to worry about paying electrical bills etc. their first and foremost concerns should be about their child only. Please click on the chip in widget to donate what ever you can to help them out. ALL donations go directly to them. I have set this up so their Paypal address is the one being paid no middle man. Also when you pay via Paypal mark as a gift when making your payment so Paypal doesn't deduct any fees from your contribution. If you cannot donate money but have some sort of prop item you could donate let me know I will be collecting items to auction off as well. So please contact me if you have something you would like to donate for auction. My contact info will follow this. And thanks everyone for whatever you can do.- Skygunbro