Welcome to My StarWars Collection



Dk Publishing

Empire Strikes Back Mix & Match Story Book $15
Ultimate Star Wars Episode 1 Sticker book $8
Star Wars: Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle Daniel Wallace, Ryder Windham, Pablo Hidalgo, Gus Lopez DK Publishing [US]; Dorling Kindersley [UK] Published as: Slipcased Hardback Book (2010) $50 The Complete Visual Dictionary 2006 pick up at flea market 4/15/12 for $3$20


Books:Audio Cassette


Star wars episode 1 24 page and tape

5th 172 under media

No pack $8

Books:Audio CD


Creative Edge

Impressive most Impressive super book to color $3
The Clone Wars First in Last Stand $1
The Clone Wars Allies and Enemies Coloring book 96 page $1

Dalmatian Press

Book to Color with Stickers

Balance of the Force $3

Giant Book to Color the Empire Begins ROTS 2005 $3
Giant Book to Color Jedi Masters 2005 $3

Darth Vader on cover In A Galaxy Far Far Away $3
C3 R2 on cover In A Galaxy Far Far Away $3

Stickerbook Legacy of the Force $1
Stickerbook star wars $1
May the Force be with you $1

Stickerbook Legacy of the Force $3

Stickerbook Halloween packs $4

Golden Books

Heroes and Villians $4
An Ewok Adventure $4
A Galaxy of Creatures, Characters, and Droids $5
Jedi Pack 2 story book comic 2 color book puzzle and maze book My coloring book with 8 caryons $10

Harper Entertainment

By Stephen J. Sansweet and Peter Vilmur

The Star Wars Vault: Thirty Years of Treasures from the Lucasfilm Archives, With Removable Memorabilia and Two Audio CDs (Hardcover) $100


Return of the Jedi

Luke with lightsaber $5

Random House

Battle to Color Episode 1$4 AOTC Moive Scenes flip over for Villanins front and back$4




Golden Books

Super Shape Books

R2-D2 and C-3PO Droid Duo $8
Princess Leia Rebel Leader $8

Random House


StarWars Questin and Answer book about Space 1979$20

Books:Galaxy of Fear

Books:Game Guides

Nintendo Player Guide

Rebel Strike Rogue Squardon 3$15
Episode 1 Racer $15 Rebel Strike Rogue Squadron 3 $15

Prima Publishing

Prima's Offical Stratey Guides

Jedi Night Jedi Academy XBOX$15
Playstation 2 Bounty Hunter$15
Republic Commando $24
Galaxies An Empire Divided w/Giant poster $20

Books:Graphic Novels


Chronicle Books

Character book with 12" collectible doll figure

Aurra Sing $125
C-3PO $55
Star Wars Poster Book 2005 $60

Collector Books

Star Wars Super Collectors Wish Book 1st Edition $35
Star Wars Super Collectors Wish Book 2st Edition $35
Star Wars Super Collectors Wish Book 3st Edition $35
Star Wars Super Collectors Wish Book 4th Edition $35
Star Wars Super Collectors Wish Book 5st Edition $35

Del Rey

New Essential Guides

Vehicles and Vessels $25
Action Figure Archive $30
Jedi vs Sith the Essential Guide to the Force $25

DK Publishing

The Phantom Menace Cross Section $22
The Ultmate Visual Guide Star Wars by Ryder Widham $25

Lucasarts Archives

Star Wars Vol 2 Collection User Guide $5

Paradise Press

Rotj Official Collectors Edition softcover 1983 $15


Episode 1 Visual Dictionary $24

Running Press

Pocket Guides and Maunuals

StarWars Collectibles $7
Tie Fighter $6
Whats What The Phantom Menace $6
Who's Who The Characters of the Phantom Menace $6
X-Wing $6


Tomarts price guide to worldwide StarWars Collectibles 2nd edition $30

Books:Jedi Apprentice



Star Wars Technical Journals

Technical Journal vol 1 of the Planet Tatooine$6
Technical Journal vol 3 of the Rebel Forces $6

Books:Junior Jedi Knights

Books:Make Your Own Adventure



Chronicle Books

Postcard Books

StarWars Scrapbook the Essental Collection $35


Empire Building : The Remarkable Real Life Story of StarWars $18

Fast on Demand

The Incredible Internet Guide to Star Wars $12



Star Wars from the Adventures of LukSkywalker paperback (4th pg43) $6
Empire Strikes Back Paperback $6
StarWars Novelization by George Lucas $6

Bantam Books

The Truce at Bakura $6
The Courtship of Princess Leia $6
The Last Command volume 3 of a three book cycle $24
The Last Command volume 3 of a three book cycle $24

The Jedi Academy Trilogy

Volume 3 Champions of the Force $6

X-Wing Rogue Squadron

01 Rogue Squadron $6
02 Wedges Gamble $6
03 The Krytos Trap $6
04 The Bacta War $6
06 Iron Fist $6
07 Solo Command $6
08 Isard Revenge $6

Del Rey

Rebublic Commando : Hard Contact $6
Rebublic Commando : True Colors $6
Splinter of the Minds Eye $6
Han Solo at Stars End $6
Return of the Jedi Fabulous 8 page color Insert $6

Episode 1 The Phantom Menace

Bast on the Screenplay and Story of George Lucas$10

Episode 2 Attack of the Clones

Novel by R A Salvatore$20


New Jedi Order

Rebel Dream $8
Force Heretic Remnant$8
Tatoonine Ghost$8


The Clone Wars Novels

Shatterpoint $8 The Cestus Deception $8 Jedi Trail $8
Obsessed with Star Wars test your knowledge of a galaxy far away 2500 questions.$20


Random House

Return of the Jedi Star Destroyer cover$18

Fun Works

flip books, classic trilogymini series

A New Hope A Shimmer Book$8
Adapted by Larry Weinberg Illustrated with color photographs from the moive.$8



Pull out Poster books

Star Wars $6
Empire Strikes Back $6
Return of the Jedi $6

Books:Science Adventures

Books:Star Wars Adventures



The Story Of Darth Vader by Catherine Saunders$8


A Story book by JJ Gardner$4

Fun Works

books include toy bound into spine

R2-D2 Mission A Little Heroes Journey$8

Golden Books

Pilots and Spacecraft glow in the dark pages $5

Marvel Books

Empire Strikes Back Paperback $10
Return of the Jedi story book $10

Publications International

Play-a-sound books

Episode 1 R2-D2 $8
Revenge of the Sith $10

Random House

Return of the Jedi Storybook, hardcover 1983 $12
Return of the Jedi Storybook Weekly Reader book $12
Im a Droid by C-3PO $5
The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot $4
The Ewok Join the Fight $5


Return of the Jedi Storybook, softcover 1983 $8
Star Wars Story book Hardcover 1978 $8
Empire Strikes Back Story book hardcover 1980 $12
Empire Strikes Back Story book Softcover 1980 $8
Journal : Captive to Evil by Princess Leia $5
Journal : The Fight for Justice by Luke Skywalker $5
Journal : Hero for Hire by Han Solo $5
Journal : Queen Amidala $5
Jedi Apperentice : The Hidden Past$5
Jedi Apperentice : The Captive Temple $5
Jedi Apperentice : The Mark of the Crown$5
Jedi Apperentice : The Uncertain Path$5
The Last of the Jedi : Underworld$5
Jedi Quest: The Way of the Apprentice$5
The Fight to Survive use book$5
The Desperate Mission$5



The Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook$5


Books:Young Jedi Knights

Books:Young Reader


Junior Novelizations

The junior novelization of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was written by Patricia C. Wrede and published by Scholastic in April 2005.$6

A Clone Wars Novel Boba Fett

The Fight to Survive$5

Books from book fair 2013

Darth Maul shadow conspiracy$2.50
The Warth of Darth Maul$5