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Art : Animation cels

Acme Archives

Character keys 4"x6" Numbered

5th page 11

Darth Vader limited 738 0f 1,000 $40

Art: Diagrams

11 x 8 Ships

Y Wing Fighter $1
Star Destroyer $1
X Wing Figther $1
Snow Speeder $1
AT-ST $1
AT-AT $1
Tie Fighter $1
B-Wing $1
Darth Vaders Tie Fighter $1
A-Wing $1

Art: Paintings

Freinds Paintings


The Photo on left I pick this up sometime in early 2000's a freind Craig we use to work together in GA. for a Rent to Own company. The Photo on right is a shot from game. He new someone who was in jail at the time. He was an Artist that was doing painting to by his time. This game was released on July 15, 2003 for XBOX and Mac and Pc by Bioware Inc. He painted it on a Jail sheet to a bunk. How I got this out of his hands Craig is a Jeff Gordon fan of racing I ran Across a standee of Jeff at Walmart and got it and a Trade was made. Picture size is 24'h x 20'w. I cant thank Craig enough for such a find I Will keep in collection forever.

Pick this up on Dec. 25, 2010 from Justin Wall he drew these up for his metal class to covert to metal. Also I have the Metal he built it on.

Art: Photos

Photo of Han, luke, chewy, leia $5

Art: Portfolios

Art: Prints

Art: Prints, Chrome

Zanart Publishing Inc.

11" x 14"

Darth Vader $12 B-Wing destroys Star Destroyer Rotj $12

Art: Fan Made

4in Painted on Sea Shells

Darth Vader $12 Yoda $12

Art: Pencil

Printed Pencil Art

Art: Zac Ty Ficklin