SPEED BUGGY premiered In 1973, The series is about a group of teenagers who trave around the country with their car and friend Speed Buggy. They always end up in adventures that need to be figured out. Speedy is a car with a mind of it's own and can pull off any kind of stunt or daring escape.

Total of 16 Episodes

Voice Cast: 
Speed Buggy ............ Mel Blanc 
Debbie ................. Arlene Goloka 
Tinker ................. Phil Luther Jr 
Mark ................... Mike Bell


  1. Target a Trophy ( Released on September 22, 1973 )
    Speed Buggy is entered in a race to win Taggert's trophy (solid gold), when a mysterious, oddly shaped zeppelin appears that shoots a ray which makes the cars go out of control, including Speed Buggy. The gang traces the zeppelin to its hideout and search for the mastermind, "The Chief."
  2. Speed Buggys Falls in Love ( Released on September 29, 1973 )
    Speed Buggy earns a trip to race in Bulgonia. The usurping Baron Vulch and his trusty sidekick Pygmo place a bugging device inside Speed Buggy's trunk to smuggle it in. When they cannot retrieve the device, Vulch unleashes his invention, Mata Cari, with whom Speed Buggy falls in love. The gang has to find Speedy in time for the race, and before Vulch and Pugmo get him.
  3. Speed Buggys Daring Escapade ( Released on September 15, 1973 )
    Disappointed with his most recent invention, a robot with allergies, Dr. Kluge eyes Speed Buggy to build a fleet of slave cars. When his offer of $3 million is rebuked, he and henchman Klinker steal a sleeping Speedy. The gang follows the crooks to their hideout and make a daring escape.
  4. Kingzilla ( Released on October 06, 1973 )
    When the plane they are on develops engine trouble, the gang parachutes onto a plateau, unaware that the neighboring jungle is home to Kingzilla, leader of the giant apes. When Prof. Grovak and his assistant Karl watch Kingzilla play with Speed Buggy, they realize this is the key to controlling him and the other apes. Speedy is used as bait while Kingzilla is tranqulized, and then the gang is held hostage. They escape and are recaptured, with Grovak gaining Speed Buggy's remote control.
  5. Out of Sight ( Released on October 20, 1973 )
  6. Gold Fever
  7. Soundmaster
  8. Incredible Changing Man