Nerds Rock! Collection

This mini-pin collection features seven (7) pins featuring the Disney characters as Nerds. The characters are dressed in geeky clothes and oversized glasses. Note: This pin collection will be shared between Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Scheduled Release: 11/04/10 Another member adds that the pin was released at WDW in October 2010. Each pin approximately 1.5" tall.

Pin 80478 Nerds Rock! Collection - Mickey

Pin 80479 Nerds Rock! Collection - Minnie

Pin 80480 Nerds Rock! Collection - Donald

Pin 80481 Nerds Rock! Collection - Goofy

Pin 80482 Nerds Rock! Collection - Daisy

Pin 80483 Nerds Rock! Collection - Chip

Pin 80484 Nerds Rock! Collection - Dale

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