DCL - Mystery Anchor Series #2


This Limited Release Disney Cruise Line Anchor Mystery pins. Note: Unlike the previous Anchor Series #1, these pins were NOT sold as a PWP. They were sold as mystery pins in little black bags, but there was not a minimum purchase promotion to buy these pins. Silver metal. One pin post and two nubs. Mickey Mouse head pattern on back. Back: (C)Disney Made In China Product code stamped N556-6633-4-14260 Authentic Official Pin Trading Logo Limited Release RELEASED: December 2014

Pin 107794 DCL - Mystery Anchor Series #2 - Sorcerer Mickey - DON'T HAVE

Pin 107793 DCL - Mystery Anchor Series #2 - Stitch - DON'T HAVE

Pin 107795 DCL - Mystery Anchor Series #2 - Goofy - DON'T HAVE

Pin 107796 DCL - Mystery Anchor Series #2 - Pluto

Pin 107797 DCL - Mystery Anchor Series #2 - Daisy Duck - DON'T HAVE

Pin 107213 DCL - Mystery Anchor Series #2 - Captain Hook - DON'T HAVE


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