Batman and Robin the boy Wonder premiered September 13,1969 cartoons shows that aired two approximately 12 min cartoons, one a Batman cartoon and the other a Batman And Robin cartoon. They were made by Filmation. In 1976-77 Filmation Started a new cartoon series starring Tarzan, called Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle. The next year (77-78) they brought back Batman and coupled it with Tarzan as the Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour.

Total of 34 Episodes.

Voice Cast: 
Bruce Wayne/Batman..................... Olan Soule
Dick Grayson/Robin..................... Casey Kasem
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl................. Jane Webb
Alfred................................. Olan Soule
  1. How many Herrings in a whell barrow
    The Joker's in town, and it's up to Batman and Robin to stop him! He's stealing various items in a plot to destroy Gotham City with a giant laser, and at the same time is trying to keep the Dynamic Duo off his trail. But leaving fake clues and red herrings won't fool the World's Greatest Detectives, and they soon find Joker's lair. They get trapped on a funhouse slide going straight into a fire pit, but with the help of their always handy utility belts, they manage to escape. As they flee the building which is now about to explode, they catch the Clown Prince of Crime and put him where he belongs, behind bars!
  2. A bird out of hand
    The newest costumed vigilante in town is none other than the Penguin! Has he really turned to the forces of good?! Of course not, and the Dynamic Duo know this. They find out that it's just an elaborate plot to free Gotham Jail's most dangerous criminals so they can work for Penguin. After they stop a prison break, they follow one criminal back to Penguin's lair. The Bird-man tries to make a getaway, but is foiled by the Dynamic Duo and the Bat-plane.
  3. From Catwoman with love
  4. The 1001 faces of the Riddler
    The Riddler uses various disguises in order to commit his dastardly deeds. After escaping the Dynamic Duo once, his next clue leads them to a construction site. It turns out to be a trap, as Batman and Robin get tied up at the top floor of a building that's about to get torn down with a wrecking ball, operated by the Riddler. But he's underestimated our heroes, and they manage to free themselves. Then it's clean-up time, as they take out the Riddler's goons, then send the Riddler packing to Gotham Jail.
  5. The Cool Mr. Freeze
    Mr. Freeze is bent on turning all the water in Gotham City into ice! This doesn't go over too well with our Caped Crusaders, and soon they're hot on his trail. But in order to catch Freeze, they have to pretend that they have become criminals! After a few cliffhangers, they catch Freeze and throw him in the cooler known as Gotham Jail.
  6. The Great Scarcrow Scare
  7. Wrath of the Riddler
  8. He who swipes the ice, goes to the Cooler
  9. Beware of living Dolls
    The Dollman uses wind up dolls to commit crimes for him.
  10. The Crime Computer
    The Penguin uses a computer to help him commit crimes.
  11. It Takes Two to make a Team
    The Joker, Penguin and Riddler try to break up the Terrific Trio by destroying Robin's confidence.
  12. My Crime is your Crime
    The Penguin and Joker switch crime methods in an attempt to sue Batman for false arrest.
  13. Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up
    Catwoman meets Christopher Collins, an amnesia victim, and circus performer who ran away from home. She convinces him to impersonate Robin, and join her in her crime spree. By dying his hair black, and donning a Robin costume, he becomes the Boy Wonder's double.
  14. Hizzoner the Joker
  15. Bubi, Bubi who's got the Ruby
    There's a high priced jewel that just arrived in Gotham City, and the Penguin has his monocle set on it! But he's not the only crook out to get it, as the Catwoman wants it for herself! After the Penguin kidnaps a sleeping-gassed Bruce Wayne, it's up to Robin to free him from the Penguin's secret lair beneath Resthaven Cemetery. But things don't always go as planned, as the Boy Wonder gets trapped, too. Fortunately, for our heroes, Batgirl is on the scene and saves our heroes from being crushed by enclosing walls. They meet batgirl at the dock after Bruce changes into Batman, and find Penguin and his gang all tied up! He reveals that Catwoman left them hanging and stole the ruby. After a Bat-boat chase, our heroes declaw the Catwoman, and justice is served.
  16. The Fiendish, Frigid Fraud
  17. A Game of Cat and Mouse
  18. Simon the Pieman
    A new villain arrives in Gotham City: Simon The Pieman. He dumps all the other criminals into a hole so that he can take over. When the Dynamic Trio try to stop him and his gang, Batman is subjected to a giant egg beater, Robin is trapped in a vat of butter, and Batgirl tossed into the chocolate tank. Can they extricate themselves from these dangers in time?
  19. Freeze's Frozen Vikings
  20. Cool Cruel Christmas Caper
  21. Two Penguins Too Many
    The circus is in town, but unfortunately for Gotham City, so are the Joker and Penguin! After distracting the crowd and authorities with some wild circus animals, the dastardly duo make off with a tank! After Batman does a little lion taming and Robin manhandles an elephant, they discover that they are using the tank to rob several banks in the area. But Joker and Penguin don't discover until after the robberies that two circus penguins are following the tank back into their cavern hideout! Batman and Robin use another circus penguin to track down the tank, and bust up the villains operations! The Dynamic Duo gain control of the tank, arrest the evil doers, and once again, Gotham City is safe thanks to the Caped Crusaders.
  22. Perilous Playthings
  23. The Joke's On Robin


  24. In Again, Out Again, Penguin
  25. The Nine Lives of Batman
  26. Long John Joker
  27. The Big Birthday Caper
  28. Partner In Peril
  29. The Underworld Underground Caper
  30. Mr. Freeze's Frozen Vikings
  31. A Mad, Mad Tea Party
  32. Enter The Judge
  33. The Jigsaw Jeopardy
  34. Opera Buffa