Learn about the amazing animals of Disney's Animal Kingdom´┐Ż Theme Park with this mystery pin collection. Each box will contain two (2) pins with the Disney characters and one featured animal. Each pin's backer card includes information about the animal including where it can be found inside the park, where it can be found in the wild, and other fascinating facts. Released: November 2010

Jiminy Cricket with Western Lowland Gorilla

Ludwig Von Drake with White Rhinoceros

Goofy with Rodrigues Fruit Bat

Minnie Mouse with Giraffe

Stitch with Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula

Daisy Duck with African Crowned Crane

Minnie Mouse with Cotton-top Tamarin

Donald Duck with Greater Flamingo

Stitch with Komodo Dragon

Goofy with Nile Hippopotamus

Chip 'n Dale with Naked Mole-rat

Mickey Mouse with African Elephant

Mickey Mouse with African Lion

Pluto with Dung Beetle

Pluto with Tiger

Donald with Galapagos Tortoise

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