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STAR WARS Series 3 (1977) Trading Card Checklist 133 - 198

The third series in the Star Wars trading cards by Topps in 1977. These cards have a solid Yellow border. Like previous sets they continue the numbering scheme found in the second series. The box for this set features the Star Wars poster, were at the wrapper featured R2-D2.

Star Wars Trading Card Info

Title: Star Wars
Type: Cards sold via 15cent wax packs
Design: Color images with Yellow border
Verso: Color puzzle image or Story Summary
Genre: Movie - Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Producer: Topps
Year released: 1977
Cards in set: 66
Checklist: None
Wrapper produced: Yes
Chase Items: 11 Stickers (Stickers 23-33)

Ben and Luke help c3po to his feet
Luke dreams of being a star pilot
Cantina troubles
back of #135
Danger from all sides
back of #136
Luke attacked by a strange creature
back of #137
On the track of the droids
back of #138
Han solo hero or mercenary
r2 d2 where are you
back of # 140
Some quick thinking by luke
Darth Vader inspects the throttled ship
Droids on the sand planet
Harriosn Ford as Han Solo
Escape from the Death Star
Luke skywalker aunt preparing dinner
Bargaining with the Jawas
The fearsome stormtroopers
back of #148
The Evil Grand Moff Tarkin
Shoot out at the chasm
Planning an escape
back of # 151
Spirted Princess Leia
The fantastic droid Threepio
back of # 153
Princess Leia comforts Luke
The Escape pod is jettisoned
r2-d2 lifted aboard
back of # 156
Learn about the Force Luke
Rebel Victory
Luke Skywalker home
back of # 159
Destroying a world
Preparing for the raid
back of # 161
Han Solo cornered by Greedo
Caught in the tractor beam
Tusken Raiders capture luke
Escape from stormtroopers
A close call for Luke and Princess Leia
Surrounded by Lord Vaders soldiers
Hunting the fugitives
Meeting at the Death Star
back of # 169
Luke and the princess traped
The walls are moving
Droids in the Escape pod
back of # 172
The stormtroopers
Solo aims for trouble
A closer look at a Jawa
Luke Skywalker dream
back of # 176
Solo swings into action
back of # 177
The Star Warriors
back of # 178
Stormtroopers search the spaceport
back of # 179
Princess leia honors the victors
Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin
Deadly blaster
Dave Prowse as Darth Vader
Luke and his Uncle
Luke on Tatooine
back of # 185
The Jawas
Threepio adn friend
Starship under fire
Mark Hamill as Luke
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia
Life on the desert world
back of # 191
Liberated Princess
Lukes uncle buys Threepio
Stormtroopers attack
Alec Guiness as Ben Kenobi
back of # 195
Lord Darth Vader
back of # 196
Leia blasts a stormtrooper
Luke decides to leave tatooine
back of # 198
Darth Vader
C3po and R2-D2
Droids escape pod
Peter Cushing
Luke and Leia
Rebel Attack
Han Solo aiming